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24 September 2012, Monday

I left Occupy Trinity on Saturday afternoon. I am resting. I am far from Wall Street. My surroundings are quiet. My immediate environment is comfortable. I lack none of the basic necessities. I have access to many luxury items (such as this computer with internet access). I even have free access to a bathroom, a clean bathroom. Fuck Manhattan, even if only because of its scarce and filthy restrooms.

I would love to never go back to Manhattan. I would love to be a part of a sustainable community far away from Manhattan. I would love to leave Manhattan to the Wall Street Overlords . . . but I can’t.I love fighting bullies.  I love my Occupy Family. I love the children of the world yet born.

I don’t have any children. I probably will never have children. Yet I love your children enough to put my life on the line for them. They deserve a better society and a livable world. When they reach adulthood they will not be able to say that I failed them. No. The stranger that I am has not failed them. But you have. You, their mothers and fathers, you have failed them. You have failed all of us.

Wake up, rise up, stand up! Now is the time.

I will go back to Manhattan. I will go back to a space on the sidewalk I have to fight for everyday. I will go back to dumpstered food and dirty restrooms. I will go back to neverending police harassment. I will go back to my Occupy Family and surround myself with the love I cannot find here.

Love. You find it in the strangest places, and it will break your heart — but you will always come back for more. There is nothing more powerful than love.

Do you hear that, Wall Street? You ain’t nothing compared to love.

Wake up, rise up, stand up. Love your self.

I am coming back . . . home . . . to the sidewalk at the corner of Wall Street and Broadway. I love you all!