Sunken barge with 900 gallons of fuel leaks into Moses Lake

Sunken barge with 900 gallons of fuel leaks into Moses Lake


Posted17 September 2011, by Staff, Yakima Herald-Republic,



MOSES LAKE — Firefighters and state Ecology staff are working to contain up to 900 gallons of diesel and oil on board a dredge barge that sank in Moses Lake on Saturday.

Kathy Davis, a spokeswoman for the state Department of Ecology in Olympia, said the barge belonging to the Moses Lake Irrigation & Rehabilitation District contained 600 gallons of diesel and 300 gallons of synthetic oil.

She said firefighters and Ecology staff deployed absorbent boom and pillows around the 40-foot dredge and were working to refloat the vessel.

“From what I understand, there is some leakage. They don’t know how much. It doesn’t sound like much,” Davis said.

Further details about the sinking itself, such as cause and depth, were not immediately available.

Moses Lake, along with the city of the same name, is located along Interstate 90 about halfway between Seattle and Spokane.

It is a natural lake that grew to about 6,200 acres as a result of irrigation damming in the early 20th century






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