At Least 100 DHS Funded Chemical And Biological Response Unit Surrounding Occupy Wall Street Protesters

At Least 100 DHS Funded Chemical And Biological Response Unit Surrounding Occupy Wall Street Protesters


Posted 25 September 2011, by Staff, The Intel Hub,


UPDATE: 11:57pm EST – I have just confirmed with our on the scene reporter that there were over 100 Chemical and Biological Response Units stationed all around Liberty Park.

The idea that these were just a few Marine tourists is 100% disinformation. These units were stationed near the protests ON PURPOSE.

This was NOT just the small unit shown in the video below.

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Chemical and Biological Response Units funded by the Department Of Homeland Security have been confirmed to be on the scene in NYC possibly converging on the Occupy Wall Street Protesters.

The units were seen and filmed watching the protesters as if their appearance was a completely normal occurrence in a supposed democracy.

It remains to be seen exactly why these units are there, but it would seem to indicate that the police are either worried about the protesters using chemicals or are planning to use chemicals on the crowds themselves.

Considering the fact that the Occupy Wall Street protesters have no chemical or biological weapons,(that we know of) the only need for these type of response units is if the government planned to either let loose chemicals to blame on the protesters or if they plan on using chemicals on them.

Fundraiser To Help Us Cover The Costs Of On The Scene Reporters At The Occupy Wall Street Protests – This Info Came From On The Scene Reporting!




From YouTube Description:

Personally interviewed and confirmed with members of the unit they are DHS, and they will not give straight answers for why they are here.

Pretty embarrassing for some of them.

Note: Some people have claimed that these response units were Marine tourists who just happened to walk by. We are investigating this claim.

If this claim is true it would be a huge coincidence that at this point seems to be highly unlikely. If they are a Marine Corps unit then it would actually be under the DOD but could still have anti terrorism funding from the Department Of Homeland Security.

Regardless whether they are DHS or DOD, the fact that this unit thinks its funny to scare and intimate a group of peaceful protesters shows you deep the police state we now find ourselves in actually is.


In regards to who the protesters actually are I would like to point out the fact that just because the Unions and liberal groups started the Occupy Wall Street protests does NOT mean that all the people speaking out against the banks in NYC are somehow Communists.

We have confirmed that MANY of the protesters are anti Federal Reserve Ron Paul supporters!

The fact that the controlled right wing blogsphere is labeling the whole protest as Communist shows once again how anti freedom these neo con blogs actually are.

Article Updated at 10:06pm EST to reflect new information and speculation that has come to light.


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