No Pasaran!

No Pasaran!


Posted 15 September 2011, by Mark Sashine, OpEdNews (OEN), opednews


In these  tough times  it is useful sometimes to specify exactly what  you stand for and  what are the dangers you feel  and how  do  you, as a person  consider the issue of the controversy and compromise.  I would urge everyone on the OEN to join  me in this.    Here is my credo. No Pasaran- they will not pass!

1. This is my country. I came here  more than 20 years ago with $300  and a family. I  became a citizen  in 5 years after that and I took an oath to  love and protect it. I love and protect it since.  The way I love and protect it is  that when I see the types of people who destroyed my old country, the greedy malicious  coven of medieval minds- I call them what they are and I declare how dangerous they are. This is my home. No Pasaran!

2. I had been homeless and I had been poor. I had taught the poor people and the people  chronically hungry. I saw  them  and lived among them and  I saw their eyes. I had been a refugee and a man without a country.  I  integrated with many kinds of people and anyone who either by stupidity or by malice  preaches that poor people are lazy and that they are  the reason they are poor is  just a malicious  harmful creature in my book. No Pasaran!

3. I am an atheist and always will be  but I  respect religions as the great achievement of human culture, something to  learn and admire from the Gothic cathedrals  to  great Mosques. I declare that anyone who somehow proclaims that his/her religion is superior to ones of others or accuses the religion of others of being  ‘ violent’ or something else is either a damned fool or something even worse.  Anyone who somehow  considers that religious dogmas can be applied  as  guidelines to the  secular living is an enemy of mankind. No Pasaran!

4. Hypocrisy is an enemy of Humanity. This country, my beloved is stricken by it as a malaise. Most of our media, our politicians, our representatives, our public figures  are so  drowned in it that they had forgot how to say the  truth. They lie from morning till night. No Pasaran!

5. This country is in seizure. This seizure is purely artificial, manufactured by the greedy thieves who  used their political muscle and bought our institutions of  governing. The best and the brightest are ousted and we have a bachanalia of demons in power  since Y2000. No Pasaran!

6. I am a technical professional.  I know what does that mean to  have a dynamic economy-it is my livelihood. Dynamic economy,  meaningful jobs- all start with a) cultivating honest workers and b) cultivating and nourishing the trade-unions of working class. I am a professional and I am all for a good, highly educated  and highly demanding working class. Whoever is destroying the trade -unions is an enemy of this country. No Pasaran!

7. This country is in the crisis of identity. Pseudo- definitions like left or right  are the ones misleading.  The one and only criteria  so far  is  rich/poor. That must change. We must become one. We must impose equality in the face of institutions of the society. Democracy in such a big country  cannot survive without  equality being its lubricant. We must switch from money to merit.  We must have real power of the people. It is good for all of us except for those who  want immediate quick buck. No Pasaran!

8. Our country is now the bully of the world. We are hated for our crimes.  Those crimes are commited because we let them happen. We let our dogs go astray. It is  time to  restrain  them, to show them that the people are the masters. No Pasaran!

9.  Americans are no different than anyone else. There is no such thing as American exceptionalism. The faster we understand it the better  we become. Everyone who  for whatever reason  preaches the American exceptionalism is an enemy of the American people. No Pasaran!

10. Here I stand. I declare here and now  that   I have nowhere else to go and that this country for me is the stage of final battle between good and evil. I will not hesitate even for a moment to point out the evildoers  because I saw them before and I see them now. I am neither liberal nor conservative, neither left nor right. I am a free American who  knows what he wants and knows who is an obstacle to peaceful  and prosperous life in the country he loves and cherishes.   The current shabash of the medieval forces on all levels as well as cowardice of those who are there to protect  and serve are at the highest levels possible We all are  in danger from within and we all know that it is time to stand firm and draw the line. I announce that loud and clear:  I am for the socialized country with  strong federal government, nationalized education, healthcare (single payer) and main resources. I am for the highest possible level of the safety net and I would encourage to raise taxes and revenues on the federal levels while lowering them locally. I am  for secularism and no teaching religion, except for the history of religions in classrooms. I am for equal rights for all, no discussions. I am for national standards on  K-12 curriculum and abolishing of the so-called school boards. I am for more  political parties and taking money out of elections. I am for the SI system of measurements. I am for big projects and open borders with our neighbors. I am against the  foreign wars. I am for  powerful judiciary and prosecution of torturers. I am for the International Investigation of 9/11 and a Trial in New York. I am for seeing smiling  and happy faces of the people when they see me, an American. I am for our children  to live not in fear.  If we have all that. I assure you all that we will have neither deficit nor debt.  This is my home. I will fight for it. No Pasaran!


Mark Sashine

A writer is a rogue goose. All other gees fly in a flock formation; every goose knows his place and time for honking. The rogue goose is undisciplined. He leaves the formation indiscriminately to have a look at it from aside. He roams back and forth, takes a peep at the leader, honks a little bit from behind, distracts everyone and writes on what he sees. Time passes and as he wants to return back to his place he discovers someone else there. Thus he either has to wait until they land for rest or join another flock in emigration. Those other birds could be cranes, storks or even crows. If he makes it he will become a rogue again. Whenever he goes and whatever he writes he never reaches a destination or enjoys a landing. There’s only Kipling’s God of Fair Beginnings and skies above and beyond. And the only way for a writer to make peace with the Deity is through the language of Poetry.
  The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author
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