Katuah Medics arrested at NC DreamTeam

Katuah Medics arrested at NC DreamTeam


Posted 14 September 2011, by Staff, Katuah Medics, katuahmedics.blogspot.com


Two Katuah Medics, Noah Morris and Bryan Garcia, were arrested alongside students and organizers of North Carolina DreamTeam during an immigration rally on September 6, 2011. The two medics were not arrested for any wrong doing, but by their mere presence at the scene. The charges against the medics, disorderly conduct and impeding traffic, are baseless and a vain attempt to discourage further participation in future fights for social justice.

These two medics vow to fight the charges in solidarity with 15 other students and supporters. Show your solidarity by supporting the fight that’s being taken to the courts.


(Ed Note: The following video is not a part of the original posting. The video was retrieved from YouTube, in solidarity.)



Please donate to the Katuah Medics Legal Defense Fund: http://do.nr/657




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