Respublika passes a bill on Issyk-Kul ecology protection

Respublika passes a bill on Issyk-Kul ecology protection


Posted 21 September 2011, by Tolgonai Osmongazieva,” News Agency,



Respublika parliamentary faction has passed a bill on amending the law on the sustainable development of eco-economic system of Issyk-Kul Lake. The decision was made today at its meeting.

According to the MP Maksat Sabirov, the document is aimed at improving and protecting the ecology of the lake that is now in danger. “The provision of the law that the capital construction is possible at a distance of 100 meters is necessary to change to 300 meters should be changed. The owners of boarding houses construct the houses disorderly near the water wishing to earn more money during the season. However, there are no treatment facilities in many buildings and the available are not answerable to the requirements. In theory beach areas belong to the state. But the owners of boarding houses have assigned the plots. They destroy the sea-buckthorn that is a natural filter of the Lake,” he said.

Maksat Sabirov said that according to the draft law, the restriction applies to boarding houses located in a resort area – from Korumdu village to Cholpon-Ata town. “We need to stop the chaotic construction of buildings otherwise we will lose the unique lake. We sent the bill to the government. The State Agency of Environment and Forestry has approved it,” added the people’s deputy.

His colleague Cholpon Sultanbekova stressed that they are to make the owners of boarding houses to install treatment facilities.

Several MPs noted the need to coordinate the amendments to the State Agency for Construction and Architecture.

The leader of the faction Kanatbek Isaev to review the work of scooters and motor boats that cause great harm to the lake in his opinion. “If it’s a tourist area then we can not prohibit scooters and boats. But it is necessary that all water appliances annually to be held passportization, the taxes to be paid to the local or state budget,” he added.

Issyk Kul, Kyrgyzstan - September 1992, Photo: NASA, Retrieved from Wikipedia Commons by Only Ed


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