Iran to save third largest saltwater lake on Earth


Iran to save third largest saltwater lake on Earth

Posted 06 September 2011, by Staff, IBN Live (CNN-IBN ( Global Broadcast News (GBN), Network18, Turner International)),


Tehran, Sep 6 (FNA) The Iranian government has announced plans to save the dying lake of Orumiyeh situated in the northwestern parts of the country.Mohammad Reza Rahimi, the country’s first vice president, said yesterday that Iran’s share of the Aras river could be pumped into the lake in the first six months of the year (starting from March 21 according to Iranian calendar). Lake Orumiyeh, which is the third largest saltwater lake on the planet, has shrunk by half over the past two decades due to drought and dam construction on the rivers that feed it.The Aras river is located in and along the countries of Iran, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey.Rahimi said the government is also considering other ways to inject water into the lake.Recently, some local officials in Orumiyeh and Tabriz, capitals of Iran’s West and East Azerbaijan provinces respectively, have expressed concerns about the environmental disaster due to the shrinkage of the lake, and have called on the government to save it to prevent the environmental degradation of the body of water.Located in Northwestern Iran between the provinces of East and West Azerbaijan and near Iran’s border with Turkey, Orumiyeh is the largest lake in the Middle East and the third largest saltwater lake on Earth.A UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and a Ramsar (an international treaty for the protection of wetlands) site said, the lake has shrunk considerably in the past years and could disappear entirely. (TNA)


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