Website on marine reserve impact launched


Website on marine reserve impact launched


Posted 19 September 2011, by Kimberlee Meier, Port Lincoln Times (Fairfax Media),



THE launch of a new website by the fishing industry aims to help address misconceptions about the health and sustainability of resources regarding the commonwealth’s marine reserve network planning process.

The National Seafood Industry Alliance (NSIA) has launched a website that identifies the impacts on the fishing industry of the proposed South-West marine bioregional planning process.

The South-West region includes the waters off Port Lincoln heading west all along the coast into Western Australian waters.

The website has information about the sustainability of Australia’s fisheries and the communities that rely on fishing and aquaculture, fisheries management and the marine environment.

Fishers believe the government’s plan for marine parks will exclude them from lucrative fishing grounds, and make them move to new grounds outside of the proposed reserves, putting pressure on new grounds.

Locals such as leather jacket fisherman Paul Claughton and rock lobster fisher Daryl Spencer are two of the people whose stories feature on the website, outlining the impacts the proposed marine parks would have on their livelihood.

Wildcatch Fisheries SA chair Jonas Woolford said lots of information could be found on the website, including the South-West’s industry submission about the proposed marine marks.

“This is our way of saying this is our proposal and these are the reasons why,” Mr Woolford said.

“We still achieve all of the conservation objectives that they’re (government) are after … and have the least disruption to our fishing activities.”

National Seafood Industry Alliance chair Katherine Sarneckis said the website provided facts “rather than fiction,” about fisheries and the proposed marine reserve network.

“As the Commonwealth marine bioregional planning process continues around Australia, it will be updated to include information on the industry approaches, social and resource impacts of proposals, and management of our fisheries and marine ecosystems in those areas,” Ms Sarneckis said.

The new NSIA website can be found at




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