1st Belgian Agroecological Meeting

Posted ?? August 2011, by Staff, Agroecologie, web.me.com/philogene/Agroecologie.be


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To be held on : 29th September 2011, Louvain-la-Neuve


Call for papers: Oral and poster contributions are invited in topics in agroecology

The one day meeting is organized by the Groupe de contact FNRS on Agroecology and aims to bring together researchers on the emerging discipline of Agroecology.

Agroecology was initially defined as the  “application of ecological science to the study, design and managementof sustainable agroecosystems.” but now encompass the whole food systems and the interaction between research and social movement. Disciplines such as agronomy, ecology, sociology and economy are part of the agroecological field. Agroecology is highly knowledge-intensive, based on techniques that are not delivered top-down but developed on the basis of farmers’ knowledge, participatory experimentation and interdisciplinary research. The purpose of the meeting is to make known the potential of research in agroecology in Belgium. Research topics may address agroecology on two ways: research that contributes to develop agroecological systems (research for agroecology) and research that contributes to better knowledge of the agroecological movement and contribution of agroecology to a transition in agriculture. (research on agroecology)

The meeting’s content should therefore be attractive to a wide range of researchers and stakeholders. PhD students are particularly encouraged to attend.

The meeting will be organized in three sessions comprising keynote presentations and short oral communications. A poster area will be available.

Abstracts for oral presentation will be submitted before the 27th of August using this form.

The Groupe de contact FNRS Agroecology was launched in 2010.

Information and registration : anne-francoise.martin@uclouvain.be



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