Hunger affects millions in the US: Study


Hunger affects millions in the US: Study


Posted 09 September 2011, By Staff, PressTV,



The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) says more than 17.2 million American households faced hunger or could not afford enough food during last year.

A new federal report released Wednesday showed that approximately one in three of these “food insecure” households or 14.5 percent of the US households were suffering from “very low food security,” defined as a reduction of food intake by at least one household member and a disruption of eating patterns because the household lacked resources for food.

According to the USDA report, households living near or below the poverty line, single-parent households, and black or Hispanic households, were mostly affected by food insecurity.

The figures, however, showed slight improvements in food difficulties among American households last year with 0.3 percent households experiencing very low food insecurity compared with 2009.

The highest improvement was among households with children, women living alone, and those with annual incomes below 185 percent of the poverty line, USDA says.

The latest US food security report shows that unemployment and the Great Recession continue to affect the US families, experts suggested.

The “study underscores what we know, that the food security remains a serious problem,” said USDA under Secretary Kevin Concannon.

The federal agency last month announced that nearly 46 million people, or one-in-six Americans, lived with government-issued food coupons in April 2011.


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