Antisec Messes with Texas, Attacks Dozens of Police Systems and Chief Emails

Antisec Messes with Texas, Attacks Dozens of Police Systems and Chief Emails


Posted 03 September 2011, by Admin, InfoShop News,


From Texas Police Chiefs

Greetings professional hypocrites in law enforcement!

Having a slow day behind the desk, filing papers, staring at your colleague’s fine posterior? What have you been up to since our last visit? Don’t answer that. We already know.

Having a slow day behind the desk, filing papers, staring at your colleague’s fine posterior? What have you been up to since our last visit? Don’t answer that. We already know.Lewd jokes? Check. Racist chain mails? Check. You lost your radio license? Lulz. Playing on the fears of voters? Check. But we already figured that. Our friends, allies, and vessels are threatened with 10+ years in prison. Yet terrorists like Luis Posada Carilles go free. This hypocritical and paranoid reaction puts us and the citizens you are supposed to protect in the same boat. You call us a national security risk. Yet BATFE guns go directly to drug dealers so they can take out rivals who don’t launder money through backrooms of dominant banks. Any press can check court documents from operations like ‘Fast and Furious’. Who came up with that one? What you didn’t see ‘From Dusk ’til Dawn’? Better title. Be more creative next time.

In retaliation for the arrests of dozens of alleged Anonymous suspects, we opened fire on dozens of Texas police departments and stole boatloads of classified police documents and police chief emails across the state. During the San Jose courtdate we defaced and gave out live backdoor and admin access to the website while allied ships launched ddos attacks upon and other law enforcement websites. For every defendant in the anonymous “conspiracy” we are attacking two top Texas police chiefs, leaking 3GB of their private emails and attachments. Mind you, we don’t expect a sane response. Even a few insults would have been better than the way you cowards hide behind protocol, innuendo, and your badge.

For more than a month we have been lurking their emails, law enforcement portals, and records and reporting systems. We leaked a few teasers including access to, several classified documents, voicemail recordings, live passwords, and even some dirty pictures. To continue the fighting spirit of WikiLeaks, we want to share the full Texas collection and expose these bumbling fools and all their secrets to the world.

Thousands of documents are available on tor hidden services / bittorrent and include several dozen FBI, Border Patrol, and counter-terrorism documents classified as “law enforcement sensitive” and “for official use only”. The emails also included police records, internal affairs investigations, meeting notes, training materials, officer rosters, security audits, and live password information to government systems. The private chief emails also included several racist and sexist chain email forwards and personal details sure to embarrass, discredit, and incriminate several of these so-called “community leaders”.

We are attacking Texas law enforcement as part of “Chinga La Migra” as they continue to harass immigrants and use border patrol operations as a cover for their backwards racist prejudice. The notoriously racist police state of Texas recently passed SB 9 and “Secure Comminities” anti-immigration laws. Texas is well known and hated for being full of Minutemen, Tea Party and KKK groups, murdering the most amount of innocent people on death row, and giving us the Bush and Cheney administration. Two months ago on the 1st we attacked the Arizona DPS and defaced several Fraternal Order of Police websites. One month ago we “Shot The Sheriff” and released 10GB of private law enforcement data while defacing dozens of police department websites in several states in the south. A week ago we released private emails belonging to Richard T. Garcia, VP of Texas-based Vanguard Defense Industries, and also a former FBI agent and current Infragard executive board member.

We are doing this in solidarity with the “Anonymous 16” PayPal LOIC defendants, accused LulzSec member Jake Davis “Topiary”, protesters arrested during #OpBart actions, Bradley Manning, Stephen Watt, and other hackers and leakers worldwide. We also call for the release of Leonard Peltier, Mumia Abu Jamal, Oscar Lopez Rivera, Troy Davis, the Angola 3, and all others behind bars standing up to state repression. While many of our comrades facing charges and in prison are innocent, there is no such thing as an innocent police officer, and we will continue to directly attack the prison industrial complex by leaking their private data, destroying their systems, and defacing their websites.

We might have respect for these officers if they understood their job and whom they serve. But unlike some that left the force decades ago and rumors abound that they may have joined our ranks, these officers hide behind their badge and use policies to ignore their great responsibility. These officers betrayed the trust citizens have in them by choosing to be drones of the system rather than protectors of freedom and the peace of their communities. From the lowest prison guard to the mightiest chief, we will continue to attack the cogs of the police state that protects the interests of the rich and powerful.

Hackers all over the world are uniting to make 2011 the year of hacks and revolutions. Join us, comrades: open fire on governments, law enforcement organizations, white hat, corporate and military targets!


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[*] THE DOX!!

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