Women Leading the Way: New study says women more likely to ‘vote green’ in office

Women Leading the Way: New study says women more likely to ‘vote green’ in office


Posted 13 September 2011, by Sarah Pierz, Emily’s List, emilyslist.org



In a new study issued by Center for American Women in Politics at Rutgers University and Rachel’s Network entitled “When Women Lead” we learn that when it comes to going green, women in office are leading the way and making more environmentally-friendly votes than men.

The study found congresswomen, regardless of party affiliation scored an average of 48 percent higher than their male counterparts and Senate women beat their colleagues in the upper chamber by more than 20 points on environmental issues. This is not new; women have consistently outscored men every year since 2001 and these findings could not come at a more critical time – when some are heralding this “the most anti-environment congress ever.”

“On environmental issues, women of both parties support clean air, clean water, and overall environmental protections as a means to promote public health and resource conservation for future generations,” said Thu Pham, co-director of Rachel’s Network.

At EMILY’s List, we have seen firsthand the direct impact women’s leadership has on the environment. Sen. Barbara Boxer – an EMILY’s List hero – championed efforts to reduce emissions and offset global warming. Another EMILY’s List alum, Sen. Maria Cantwell, co-authored the CLEAR Act (Carbon Limits and Energy for America’s Renewal Act) to reduce greenhouse emissions.

With women consistently showing strong, pro-environmental voting records, it is now more imperative than ever that we have strong women’s leadership in Congress and here at EMILY’s List we will work every day to accomplish that goal.

The full study can be found at Rachel’s Network (PDF).

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