AD states “it is time for a rethink of Malta’s foreign policy”


AD states “it is time for a rethink of Malta’s foreign policy”


Posted 03 September 2011, by Staff, Gozo News Service,


Alternattiva Demokratika  (AD) – The Green Party, said that the Libyan experience showed that Malta needs a rethink in aspects of its foreign policy, especially in relation to human rights, social justice and environmental justice.

Michael Briguglio, AD Chairperson, said, “The Libyan experience should serve as an eye opener with regards to the servilism of the Nationalist Government and the Labour opposition towards brutal regimes. Labour, in particular, did not pronounce a word of condemnation against Gaddafi before he was clearly defeated. Whilst the Gaddafi brutal regime refused to sign the Geneva Convention and blatantly disregarded global norms regarding human rights, different Governments saw no problem in having a privileged partnership with Libya. Whilst AD and various NGOs frequently showed their concern on the brutality of the Gaddafi regime, others frequently boasted of their good relationship with the dictator. Now that the PN and PL have joined AD in denouncing the Gaddafi regime, it is time for a rethink of Malta’s foreign policy, especially in relation to areas such as human rights, democracy, environment, peace and economic affairs. The Government should also support calls for solidarity with democratic forces of opposition to such regimes.”

Ralph Cassar, AD General Secretary, said, “An ethical foreign policy demands that trade respects human rights, social justice and environmental justice. For example, the Maltese Government should take a more pro-active role on issues such as nuclear energy at our doorstep. In the recent past, the Nationalist Government and the Labour Party both remained silent on dangerous deals by Sarkozy and Berlusconi to sell nuclear technology to Gaddafi. One shudders to think what would have happened if Gaddafi had nuclear technology in his hands.”

Robert Callus, AD spokesperson for Migration and Citizenship, said: “As regards the immigration aspect of Malta’s foreign policy, Malta’s Government, with the support of Labour, should stop turning a blind eye on human rights abuses, as was the case when, for example, the Government agreed with Berlusconi’s invitation to give extortion money to Gaddafi for keeping immigrants in inhumane conditions. Malta should now exert necessary pressure for a humane immigration processe in partnership with the EU, free from blackmail. As regards Libya, it is also an imperative that Malta actively supports the UNHCR so that it can be allowed back in Libya and work in a safe environment”.


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