Hundreds of students vow to end corruption


Hundreds of students vow to end corruption


Posted 27 August 2011, by Staff, The Times of India (Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd. ),


AMRAVATI/YAVATMAL: Hundreds of students took an oath during a programme organised by People for India Forum on Friday that they will neither indulge in nor entertain any kind of corruption.

Many people were doubtful whether it was mere enthusiasm or a fashion symbol that the youths were coming forward to participate in Anna Hazare’s agitation. Talking to TOI, 22-year-old Priyesh Jaiswal, who is working with the Navy, claimed that he had asked for a CDC certificate for which he was asked to pay Rs 20,000. As he refused to pay, he is yet to get certificate. Therefore, time has come to end the menace of corruption, he said.

Avinash Bhakre said he needed some document from the tehsil office but did not get in time as the clerk sought money. This is bad, he said.

 Mrunal Mahajan said that corruption is so prevalent in day-to-day life that makes life hard for commoners. “Though I have not seen how corruption takes place, many people close to me have borne the brunt.

Ravina Jaju, who supported the agitation, said that she don’t know details of the Jan Lokpal Bill but bringing PM and CBI under its ambit is an important aspect. She said that “one ticket checker demanded from me Rs 300 for getting a seat in AC three-tier when I was travelling from Nashik to Amravati. When I refused to pay I had to travel in discomfort. This experience was enough to join the movement, she said.

On the eleventh day of Anna’s agitation, the enthusiasm of his supporters has not died down. On Thursday, some supporters climbed on a tower to show their support to Anna.

Yavatmal bandh total

The Yavatmal bandh called by the joint action committee of those supporting Anna Hazare received an overwhelming response from the public here on Friday. Most traders kept their shutters down throughout the day and joined the mammoth rally taken out from the historic Azad Maidan.

The main market lines wore a deserted look as there were no business transactions. However, offices and government departments, including banks and post office, functioned normally. Buses also plied on the road undisturbed. Schools and colleges remained closed and children and their teachers joined the rally with banners and slogans in support of Anna and his mission against corruption.

The rally passed through main thoroughfares and reached LIC Square where there was a tight security.

Members of Yavatmal Bar Association led by president VD Dharne, Ajay Chamedia, Manoj Kale, SK Khaprekar, Ravi Shekhar Badnore and others also organised a rally. They joined the main rally at LIC Square. The combined rally was then taken to the district collector’s office where a delegation submitted a memorandum supporting the demand for Jan Lokpal Bill.



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