Cleanse cooperatives in Anna wave

Cleanse cooperatives in Anna wave


Posted 27 August 2011, by Ajay Jha, Indian Cooperative,


Corruption in cooperatives have become order of day.Leave aside the small cooperatives, even giants are falling prey to greed and stealing. The reputation of some of the top cooperative brands till yesterday lie in tatters today ,thanks to hanky-panky of a  few. NAFED, NCCF-the list is ever growing with CBI and CVO slueths knocking at their door.

Anna Hazare has, meanwhile, galvanized whole of India and Cooperative Sector can not remain untouched. Leading Cooperative leaders of the land have supported Anna in unison in the country and vowed to free the system of corruption.

Talking to Indiancooperative .com, President of NCUI Chandra Pal Singh Yadav said that public anger against corruption in their day to day existence has crossed all limits and we support Anna for bringing in strong Lok Pal bill.

But should not there be a strong Lok Pal for Cooperative sector also? Mr Yadav responded by saying that cooperative sector is a field where people are active with a mission of service to people. It is not a place to earn profit. We, however have Multi State Cooperative Act under which severe punishment is meted out to them who indulge in wrong-doing.

NCUI President Mr Chandra Pal Singh Yadav, however said that cooperative institutions should have their own code of conduct which must be adhered to so that corrupt practices are kept at bay.

The Chairman of GCCMF which markets brand Amul also lent his support to Anna Hazare and said that progress of Amul is testimony of the fact that we have kept wrong doing at bay all these years.

Anna is doing great service to the nation and we extend all possible support to him, added  Bhatol.

Support for Anna is pouring from various quarters of cooperative world as people feel that a strong Lok Pal is the demand of the time. It is true also as wrong doing in cooperatives have created a trust deficit in the minds of people and many say “let us cleanse our cooperatives in this Anna wave.” invites readers to lend their support by writing in comment box.


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