Veneta pays respect to indigenous grandmothers


Veneta pays respect to indigenous grandmothers


Posted 20 August 2011, by Angela Brauer, KMTR TV News (Newport Television LLC ),


VENETA, Ore. (KMTR) – Dozens paid tribute to the indigenous grandmothers Saturday at Still Point Farm’s second annual Mother Earth Festival.

Vendors showed up with healing and massage services and also offered workshops on how to meditate and more. Others sold natural products such as furs, organic makeup, natural foods and more.

Organizers say people come for different reasons; some have lost a loved one and are seeking emotional support, others have lost a job and seek fulfillment in hope.  Whatever the reason, many find peace at the festival.

Two of the elected 13 indigenous grandmothers were also at the festival.  Grandmother Agnes Baker-Pilgrim, or Grandma “Aggy” as everyone refers to her, is 87 years old and from Grants Pass.  The only grandma from Oregon, she said it’s always an honor to share global wisdom of the Earth.  She travels nationwide preaching about the importance of the Earth and water.

For her, traveling and teaching is something she was meant to do.  Being a grandma, she said, is a right of passage, as is the role of a daughter, mother or anything else.

“You are the wisdom keepers and we’d like for you wherever you live to know that your children, they honor you because you are the wisdom keepers of the family and in your community.  Just because your grey headed is no sign your kids can put you back in a rest home or something,” she said.

Grandma Aggy says it is imperative for everyone to thank the blessings they have been given – most of all water – and therefore should maintain peace on Earth and a clean world.

The festival needs financial help in order to keep running year to year.  Organizers at the farm hosted it in 2010 for the first time after they met with indigenous grandmas themselves.  They found peace and inspiration in them and later, felt pleasantly obligated to continue the tradition.  Everyone loved it!

Anyone who can donate or support Still Point Farm’s festival next year is encouraged to do so by visiting their website.

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