Creation of Forest Agency and Forest Association planned in Azerbaijan


Creation of Forest Agency and Forest Association planned in Azerbaijan


Posted 17 August 2011, by Staff, ABC-AZ (Fineko Informational & Analytic Agency),


Baku, Fineko/ Today Baku is hosting a seminar on FLEG program oriented on forest protection.

Consultant Azad Aliyev has reported that creation of independent wood agency or committee will enable to expand authorities of Ecology and Natural Resources Ministry’s relevant department.

In turn national expert of Justice Ministry of Azerbaijan Matanat Asgarova has told that by present within FLEG programs jointly realized by the World Bank, IVCN, WWF, ENPI, there have been developed proposals envisaging creation of Wood Association to attract local communities and block committees to forest management control process.

” Also it is planned to develop new blanket acts defining limits of organizations’ authorities and responsible for fulfillment of this code’s points on the  basis of over 50 regulations aimed at implementation of Forest Code. The draft proposals are also planned to be supplemented by introduction of rules regulating the process of forest planting and landscaping with the use of corresponding international experience “,- M. Asgarova noted.

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