Biodynamic Remedies for Tomato and Potato Blight

Biodynamic Remedies for Tomato and Potato Blight

Posted 10 August 2011, by Staff, The Josephine Porter Institute for Applied Biodynamics, Inc. (JPI),

Biodynamic Remedies for Tomato and Potato Blight

1. Bring 1 unit #508 (1.5 ounces by weight of dried herb) to boil in 1 gal H2O, and simmer for 1 hr.

2. Cool and transfer to crock or glass container ( metal? plastic?) – Order of preference is clay crock, glass, copper, porcelained metal, non-magnetic stainless steel, other metals, plastic.

3. Store in cool place and let ferment for 10-14 days until starts to smell.

4. To use add 1 part #508 tea (fresh or fermented) to 9 parts water, (rainwater, or if chlorinated expose to sun for a day).

5. Stir for 20 minutes, reversing direction once deep vortex has formed. (about 1-2 times per minute).

6. Early AM or Late PM-Spray on ground with larger droplets on day pertaining to the crop – Fruit for tomato; Root for potato. May be applied as a foliar as well.

Adding either with the #508, or separately an application of BD #505 Oak bark preparation (counter to plant diseases) is also very helpful. Stir #505 for not less than 20 minutes.

Applications of BD #501 and BD #507 should also be made in the regular course of treating the crops.

BD #508 (Horsetail Herb) is available now at JPI

BD #508

For preventing or controlling fungus diseases. One unit of dried herb yields 2 1/2 gallons fresh tea (covers one acre), or 10 gallons of fermented tea (covers up to 3 acres). Best results obtained from fermented recipe.

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