Haitian Desal-A-Nation: A solar-powered water distiller


Haitian Desal-A-Nation: A solar-powered water distiller

Solar powered water distiller Designed by Joe Kasper

Posted 13 August 2011, by Staff, EcoFriend Facebook(Instamedia Network), facebook.com/pages/Ecofriend/129321651815


Picture Gallery: Haitian Desal-A-Nation

This amazing device called the ‘Haitian Desal-A-Nation’ – which hints at desalination is what this equipment precisely performs. This device is actually a water distiller that produces potable water by evaporated salt water from the sea by using solar energy. The evaporated water passes through a channel that leads the steam inside another small chamber wherein it condenses to produce clean drinking water.

Designed by Joe Kasper, this concept, when realized would have the potential to resolve the crisis that various nations face due to the scarcity of freshwater. The project has been named Haiti due to the fact that this island country is surrounded by abundant salty seawater and yet Haiti continues to face a scarcity of drinking water. Through this distiller and using virtually nothing by sea water and the sun’s rays – the device will slowly convert the sea water into clean potable water.


The device is a very simple flat jar that contains salt water and has a black outer covering. Above this is the other smaller container in which the clean water gets collected. The distiller does not require any form of electricity and is dependent on the sun’s heat to evaporate the salt water. This project was inspired by the goal of the UN to provide sustainable access to potable water.


This project would be beneficial to the people living in slums as it would reduce the number of people getting affected with water-borne diseases due to unclean drinking water. Apart from that, there are many countries that lack reserves of fresh water – in Africa and elsewhere – and converting abundant sea water into drinking water would certainly sort out the lack of potable water in those regions.


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