New CO2 building material 2.5 times stronger than concrete

New CO2 building material 2.5 times stronger than concrete


Posted 08 August 2011, by David Edwards, Raw Story Media, Inc.,


The Japanese company TIS&Partners has created a new building material called “C02 Structure” that has at least 2.5 times the tensile strength of concrete and cures 30 times faster.

Concrete can cure in about 28 days, while CO2 Structure can cure in one day.

“When CO2 is blown into silica, it instantly converts the silica into a material as hard as brick,” TIS&Partners president Norihide Imigawa told DigInfo TV. “And a brick can be formed in a little less than a minute. That’s what’s special about this material.”

Developers suggested that the material could be used to reinforce structures damaged during earthquakes.

“For example, areas that underwent subsidence in the East Japan Earthquake could be reinforced using this material. That would make it possible to quickly restore strength on a par with concrete to uniform, flat areas,” Imigawa said.

Watch this video from DigInfo TV, broadcast Aug. 10, 2011.


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