Bioclimatic passive designs rural buildings


Bioclimatic passive designs rural buildings


Posted 11 August 2011, by I. Cañas (a), P. Núñez (b), S. Martín-Ocaña (a) F. R. Mazarrón (a) J.L.García-Grinda (a), (a) Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, (b) Universidad de Alcalá de Henares, IMProVe 2011,



Purpose: In this paper the evolution of the bioclimatic architecture is explained from the existing relation between climate and construction in the vernacular architecture, happening through the appearance of the term of bioclimatic architecture in the sixties, to the present time.

Method: The two bioclimatic charts used by architects appear: Olgyay and Givoni´s, and its use to establish the strategies of design for each climate. Next a review of these strategies of design is done, explaining its operation and the climatic conditions in which its use is just. The explanations come accompanied from images that help to understand the mechanism of performance of each strategy.

Result: On the strategies is insisted of design of simple incorporation in the building and low cost because it is to give bases for the bioclimatic construction of rural buildings

Discussion & Conclusion: It is known that traditional rural buildings used strategies to take advantage of the factors the climate in which they were located, obtaining the conditions required for their process. Starting off of this hypothesis, it is wanted to transfer these present strategies to rural buildings and to incorporate other that we know after the bioclimatic study from the building and the environment.

Download the entire paper in .pdf format here:


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