Summerlin residents receive SNWA award for landscape


Summerlin residents receive SNWA award for landscape

Enlarge Summerlin is home to dozens of award-winning landscapes, including Dave and Kathy Oder's home in The Ridges at Summerlin, recipient of the 2011 Southern Nevada Water Authority's best residential landscape by a professional.

Posted 06 August 2011, by Staff, Las Vegas Review-Journal (Stephens Media LKLC),


Summerlin residents, Dave and Kathy Oder, recently won first place in the Southern Nevada Water Authority landscape awards in the residential landscape design by a professional category.

According to Doug Bennett, conservation manager for the authority, Summerlin residents and the community’s developer, The Howard Hughes Corp., have received many awards since the authority incorporated the annual landscape awards program in 1999.

“Just drive through the community and you’ll understand why,” Bennett said. “Summerlin has some of the most beautiful, water-efficient landscapes in our valley.”

The Oders landscape was designed by Schilling Horticulture Group, first-place recipients of the authority’s annual award for five consecutive years.

“We wanted someone who really understood plant material and could create a beautiful, drought-tolerate landscape that would complement our home,” Dave Oder said. “We got what we wanted and more.”

Schilling Horticulture Group brought in a wide variety of leafy flowering plants, as well as exotic succulents to add shape, form and texture to the Oders’ landscape.

“The result is award winning — literally,” Oder said.

A landscape was one of the many reasons the Oders moved to The Ridges village of Summerlin nearly 10 years ago.

“It featured some of the best landscaping we’ve seen, and we’re from California,” he said. “The landscapes, views and neighboring mountains create a peaceful environment that’s unique to Las Vegas. We’re at home here.”

According to Norm Schilling, president of the Schilling Horticulture Group, beautiful, sustainable environments are good for the community and its residents.

“It’s not coincidental that Summerlin tends to attract fairly active residents,” he said. “The community’s landscaping, meandering trails, abundant parks and close proximity to Red Rock Canyon encourage residents to spend time outdoors. And people are more fulfilled when they incorporate nature in their lives.”

“Creating scenic, sustainable and livable environments is a top priority for us,” said Tom Warden, senior vice president of community and government relations for The Howard Hughes Corp. “Those priorities have branded Summerlin as one of the most popular, most picturesque and most environmentally friendly developments in Southern Nevada. And that’s something to be proud of.”

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