Cree showcases prototype of a highly energy efficient LED bulb


Cree showcases prototype of a highly energy efficient LED bulb

Energy-efficient lighting -- Cree LED light bulb


Posted 04 August 2011, by Abdul Vahid V, EcoFriend,


The revolutionary LED light source developing firm Cree has showcased a highly energy-efficient LED bulb. Cree has introduced it as the 21st century bulb. The innovative LED bulb consumes less amount of energy to emit better light required for a whole room. However, Cree has no immediate plans to release the bulb as a product into the market.


The demonstration model was designed for a display at the L Prize or Bright Tomorrow Lighting Prize, a contest for energy-efficient lambs organized by the U.S. Department of Energy. The LED bulb can be used as spot lights, ornamental lights and for many other applications, Cree said. The marvelous LED light consumes only 8.7 watts. Yet it emits more than 1,300 lumens, i.e., better than a 75-watt bulb offers. This is what makes Cree’s LED bulb a groundbreaking innovation. In a time the world is facing huge energy crisis, bulbs of this type will be a great advantage. Certainly, it provides more light than the traditional incandescent bulbs, but devours less energy.

This LED bulb has a color rendering index of more than 90. It is the measure for light quality. For an LED lamb, the rendering index of the Cree LED bulb is much higher. As well, the bulb offers better color temperature that ranges from a cool white light to more conventional yellow. At a whole, performance of the bulb is found great once reviewed under various measures.

Cree has been working on similar high energy-efficient LED lamp technologies. Early this year, the company demoed another landmark LED lamp at more than 150 lumens per watt. That means the latest bulb offers higher energy efficiency. The company will be making more research to shape up similar energy efficient bulbs, which the new world is anxiously waiting for.

Cree engineers have shaped up the LED bulb in form of cylinder to realize the range of energy efficiency the company was looking for. From the traditional bulbs in rounded shapes, cylinder lamps will hugely help cut consumption of extra energy. Cree’s co-founder Neal Hunter says that if their LED lamps are fully deployed in the country, they could bring a 16.5 percent reduction in energy consumption.

Via: CNet


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