Generating an income from waste


Generating an income from waste


Posted 02 Augst 2011, by Parijata Gurdayal, The Fiji Times,

WASTE plastic wrappers can be used to generate an income while protecting the environment, says Sister Anna Wiwiek, who is training women’s groups to recycle waste plastic material to produce useful items such as bags, mats, phone cases, photo albums and handicraft.

The training is part of the Ministry of Social Welfare Women and Poverty Alleviation’s plan to address poverty, protecting the environment and empowering women.

Minister Doctor Jiko Luveni said the ministry had the ultimate aim of creating an independent workforce for people dependent on the social welfare scheme.

“The purpose of the training is to economically empower these women,” she said.

“The ministry is facilitating this through an Indonesian women who is here to train these women to make cost-effective products ù craft made from waste plastic material ù which they can sell and help with the family expenses.”

Dr Luveni said the ministry had plans to find an export market for the craft once the women were skilled enough.

Sister Anna said waste plastic that polluted the environment should be used to make bags and mats.

“Fiji is very beautiful but it is polluted by plastic everywhere, so instead of throwing the plastic away, use it to make useful things like craft which one can later use to even sell and earn money,” she said.


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