Adding Canada to the list of international biosphere visitors

Adding Canada to the list of international biosphere visitors

Posted 28 July 2011, by Staff, My Sunshine Coast Life,

The Manicouagan biosphere reserve in Quebec, Canada was the 10th international biosphere to officially visit the Noosa biosphere reserve since created by UNESCO in 2007.

Marie-Pierre Clavette, Project Manager for the Manicouagan biosphere reserve in Quebec, Canada was in Australia last week for the World Environment Education Conference held in Brisbane and travelled specifically to the Noosa biosphere reserve for a side study tour.

According to Ms Clavette the Manicouagan biosphere reserve is a stunning natural landscape created by a meteorite impact in the province of Quebec eons ago and now a wildlife sanctuary of magnificent proportions.

Ben McMullen from Noosa Biosphere Ltd, along with Michael Donovan Chair of Noosa Biosphere Ltd, spent the afternoon touring the region and exchanging information with Ms Clavette.

“It was very valuable to hear how the Canadian Government have developed a participation program with other biosphere reserve management agencies and organisations in that country,” said Mr McMullen.

“It was also encouraging to hear how well known the Noosa biosphere reserve is becoming overseas, this is the fourth visit to Noosa by officials from other biospheres this month which illustrates strong interest in Noosa.

“It is very important for Noosa’s ongoing development as a place for learning and sustainable development that we establish and maintain productive working relationships with other biospheres from across the globe.”

Michael Donovan, Chair of Noosa Biosphere Ltd said that the Noosa Biosphere has an understanding with UNESCO to assist any other biosphere in their efforts through knowledge exchange and working together to achieve common goals.

“The Noosa biosphere reserve has also been working closely with a Hawaiian group on their submission to UNESCO for a Volcano region in Hawaii to be included in the global register of some 550+ biospheres,” said Mr Donovan.

“The recent recognition of Noosa biosphere reserve by UNESCO for our Climate Action Program just published has created additional interest in Noosa from across the global biosphere family.”

More information about Manicouagan biosphere reserve:
More information on Noosa biosphere reserve:,22404


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