Trees at Carnegie Dying under “Green” Vision Council


Trees at Carnegie Dying under “Green” Vision Council



 Posted 22 July 2011, by Blogger, Downtown Eastside Enquirer,

Under “Green” Vision Council, the life is being choked out of trees on the outdoor patio at Carnegie Centre at Main & Hastings.

The patio trees are surrounded by steel grates which they have outgrown.  The grates are now sticking into the tree trunks, choking the trees.  One guy, a nature lover, smoking on the patio a couple of weeks ago, said he complained to Carnegie Director Ethel Whitty about the fact that the trees were being choked and those grates had to be adjusted.  Nothing was done.

Mayor Robertson and the Vision/COPE Council have kept Whitty, in a job that pays over $100,000 even though she has consistently failed to address issues raised by Downtown Eastsiders.  She gets millions of dollars a year to run Carnegie and she can’t manage to loosen the grates around the outdoor trees.

Meanwhile, the City is fining health food millionaire businessman, Aaron Stevens, for cutting trees in his backyard.  Many of those trees amounted to dead brush in the backyard of a property that the previous owner had left unattended for years.


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