Probe into trees mysteriously dying


Probe into trees mysteriously dying


Posted 04 July 2011, by Alicia Kelly, Worcester News (Gannett),


THREE protected trees are mysteriously dying.

An investigation has been launched into the cause of the decline in the two large limes and one smaller sycamore in the garden of a home in Brittania Square.

Worcester city council’s tree protection officer Jeff Poole said he would be looking for possible diseases that may have caused the demise of the trees, which are in the Brittania Square conservation area.

We previously reported how there were concerns a 182-year-old brick wall would collapse onto passers-by because of pressure from the trees but the trees are protected by a preservation order.

The wall runs along Hebb Street, behind Brittania Square. A spokeswoman for the city council said officers had received a call from a member of the public concerned about the condition of the trees.

She said: “Our tree preservation officer visited the site and looked at the trees from outside the property.

“All three were suffering from severe dieback and branch death in various areas of the crown.

“He considered the pattern and extent of dieback and branch death was unusual.

“He and an enforcement officer visited the owner on Monday last week and they have agreed a date for a detailed inspection of the trees.

“They are investigating what has caused the dieback.”

A Hebb Street resident, who asked not to be named, said: “They are beautiful trees.

“I think trees like that make a difference to people living in the street and passing the street.

“Now there will just be a boring wall there like everywhere else.

“For us to have something like that again will take another 50 years.”


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