Flash Flood Warning for Chicago area continues

Flash Flood Warning for Chicago area continues


Posted 23 July 2011, by Staff, Chicago Weather Center, blog.chicagoweathercenter.com

Strong storms have moved east and south of the Chicago area, but a band of lighter showers and thunderstorms continues to approach northeast Illinois from the west. So the rainfall in the Chicago area will probably pick up again between 9:30AM and 10:30AM this morning, if that rain area holds together.


Most of the major roadways with the exception of the Dan Ryan are back in business as of 9AM, but many streets and roads susceptible to flooding – primarily north of Interstate-90 – are still in trouble.


The core of the overnight rains appears to have centered over O’Hare International Airport, where a record 6.91 inches of rain fell since midnight with more on the way. The 24-hour rainfall total at O’Hare was 8.20 inches. Right next door in Elk Grove Village, the west side of town had 4.73 inches since midnight, while the east side measured 5.95 inches. Twenty-four hour totals at those two locations were 5.86 inches and 7.17 inches respectively.

Location                  Since midnight    24-hour

Arlington Heights            5.52            6.67

O'Hare Airport               6.91            8.20

Elk Grove Village (W)        4.73            5.86

Elk Grove Village (E)        5.95            7.17

Inverness                    5.18            6.50

Wheeling (Ex Airport)        3.63            6.06

Lyons                        2.30            2.95

Oak Brook                    2.02            2.86

Midway Airport               1.90            2.70

Chicago Ridge                2.21            2.86

SE Central Chicago           3.35            4.09

Westmont                     2.29            2.79

West Chicago                 1.89            2.64

St. Charles                  1.77            2.46

Countryside                                  4.30

Long Grove                                   4.61

Riverwoods                                   4.71

Carpentersville                              3.20

Beach Park                                   3.27

Oak Park                                     4.81

Glencoe                                      4.85

Glenview                                     6.50

Island Lake (McHenry)                        3.71

Melrose Park                                 4.60



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