PLF Press Release – Solidarity With ALF


PLF Press Release – Solidarity With ALF


Posted 21 July 2011, by A Guest, PasteBin,

July 21, 2011

It has come to the recent attention of the Peoples Liberation Front – Central Command that our dearest allies, Anonymous – have recently declared solidarity with the animal liberation movement in general, and the Animal Liberation Front in particular. We applaud our dear headless friend Anonymous for their righteous choice, and the Peoples Liberation Front would like to state to the world categorically that we join this unprecedented and historical coalition.

The fact is that from it’s inception, we have considered the Peoples Liberation Front and the Animal Liberation Front as a cousin if not sister organization. For decades both groups have shared a common activist ideal, and a progressive and relentless agenda of liberation.

Now the PLF is proud to join with Anonymous and form this powerful new coalition to protect and defend the wonderful creatures of this world. We look forward to planning and coordinating our various ground and cyber assets to effect future operations that will be effective in the over-arching goal of protecting the animals from harm.

SIGNED  —  PLF Central Command

Peoples Liberation Front



One response to this post.

  1. So various terrorist groups are aligning with each other. Interesting, but it doesn’t change the proper methodology of response, which is military force so that we can avoid the bullshit of trials.

    The intel community and SpecOps can deal with these sorts far more efficiently and without giving them a chance of grandstanding.

    With the exception of the Muslims, most terrorists have recruiting issues when people realize that death for them and anyone with them at the time of the punishment is the result. 😉

    This is especially true of Anonymous. Stupid slackers and teens get scared off pretty quick when they hear that their compatriots and their whole families were taken out by SEAL teams or CIA types.

    A few good pics of the shattered corpses of a few of the toddler kin will shut them down fast.


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