Noosa Biosphere’s Climate Project Tops The World


Noosa Biosphere’s Climate Project Tops The World


Posted 21 July 2011, by Staff, My Sunshine Coast Life,


Noosa Biosphere has been recognised amongst 28 global biospheres for its efforts to promote debate, foster exchange and develop actions at a local level to push back on the effects of climate change.

The study of what biospheres around the world are doing locally on the subject of climate change was undertake by the Division of Science and Human Rights, German Commission for UNESCO in Bonn.

Chair of the Noosa Biosphere Mr Michael Donovan said that all the 550 biospheres around the globe were asked to provide details of plans and actions being undertaken and the Noosa Biosphere was amongst those chosen.

“This is a terrific accolade for much hard work on behalf of our volunteers directing and managing this project with active community participation,” said Mr Donovan.

“The team is to be congratulated and take this recognition as a peer acceptance of the huge effort the Noosa team puts into this important issue.”

The project being recognised is a series of community workshops delivered in collaboration between multiple community groups in a variety of locations across the Noosa biosphere reserve – creating a community driven response to climate change by collectively addressing the risks and strategies.

Project volunteers such as Kate English from the Noosa Biosphere Education, Research and Environment Board takes heart from the UNESCO endorsement.

“This is a team effort, not only from those volunteering as Noosa Biosphere community board members but also those from other community groups including the Noosa Residents and Ratepayers Association, South East Queensland Catchments and the University of the Sunshine Coast,” said Ms English.

In releasing the 81 page report, Dr Lutz Moller Division Head said ‘Many thanks for cooperating with us on the new publication on good practice in biosphere reserves about climate change. UNESCO biosphere reserves are presented herein as ideal places to test, to evaluate and to implement comprehensive climate change policies.’

Noosa Biosphere also has programs involving the community that link emergency and disaster response as follow-up considerations to climate action.

A report from a recent community and business consultation process managed by DEEDI, Climate Risk Management and Adaptation is expected shortly.

The UNESCO Publication on best practice climate change examples from around the globe can be downloaded at under ‘current projects’.,22316



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