Britain is ready with its biggest solar power field developed in just 6 weeks


Britain is ready with its biggest solar power field developed in just 6 weeks

Conergy: Britain’s largest solar field


Posted 19 July 2011, by Ritu Mathur, Eco Friend (Instamedia Network),


In the recent past, Britain has seen a surge in developing of alternative, off the grid power systems across the country. There have been an array of projects which mushroomed in quick succession, soon after the government’s announcement of a review date. Recently, Britain witnessed an old mine turning into a 1.4MW solar plant, a combined wind and solar power plant and a huge solar plant by Toyota. Now a new solar plant has come up very recently which has surpassed all the older ones with its sheer magnitude and very less time frame taken for development. Conergy has built a 5MW solar field, in only 6 weeks time.

The solar plant is built in a farm, located in Hawton, Nottinghamshire. The area of farm is 1.6 hectares and it features around 21,600 solar panels. This vast project done in the time frame of mere 6 weeks looks likes something next to impossible but Conergy, an Engineering and Services company working across Europe in environmental sustainability and energy efficiency, could do it well because of its terrific organizational and human resource management skills.

There were many contenders for the project but Conergy finally won the battle because of the efficient management and latest technologies mentioned in its bidding and of course the example set by its unprecedented work across the Europe continent. The reason why the company hurried winding up of the project was the fact that the government has declared final dates for review of solar projects and the feed in tariffs involved.

Hence, developers wanted to finish their projects as soon as possible and bring them onstream by the end of the month of July. The company was able to finish such a huge project within weeks because the company had already prepared adequate number of solar panels beforehand which meant that assembling the panels was not a big deal. This again shows efficient handling of resources at the company’s hands.


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