300 school eco-clubs to work on projects in Western Ghats


300 school eco-clubs to work on projects in Western Ghats


Posted 19 July 2011, by Swati Shinde Gole, The Times of India (Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd), timesofindia.indiatimes.com

PUNE: As many as 300 special eco-clubs are being formed in various secondary and higher secondary schools in the state to work on projects related to biodiversity, energy, waste management and tourism in the Western Ghats.

The state government has appointed city-based Centre for Environment Education (CEE) to train students and provide resource material to help them explore related issues.

The scheme is being introduced in 63 talukas of 12 districts that fall in the hilly regions of the Sahyadri. In the first phase, 300 clubs are being formed whereby students will explore the biodiversity and ecology of the areas in the Western Ghats that fall close to their taluka. They will also work on issue-based action as far as conservation is concerned.

Speaking to TOI on Tuesday, Sanskriti Menon, programme director, CEE central regional cell and CEE urban centre for environment education, said, “Conservation of Western Ghats is a priority for the Union government, which is taking several initiatives at various levels and has formed a special panel for its conservation as well as preservation. At this point, it is important that schoolchildren are made conscious about the region, its ecology and biodiversity. The best way to achieve this is to involve them.”

Schools from Junnar, Ambegaon, Khed, Maval, Haveli, Mulshi, Velha, Bhor, Purandar talukas in the Pune district are among those identified for formation of the special eco-clubs.

“Students will prepare projects regarding biological and socio-cultural aspects of the Western Ghats and what steps need to be taken for conservation at the local level,” said Menon. Selected schools will receive an annual grant of Rs 10,000 for carrying out activities in the region.


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