The summer of my disconnect


The summer of my disconnect

Posted 17 July 2011, by Carl Crumbacker Sr., Delmarva NOW! (A Gannett Company),

Well, it is truly July. For some reason, it feels like it started in June, or even before that.

Maybe it is my imagination running away, but things just don’t seem the same this summer. The budget apocalypse has spread and political discourse is as ugly as ever. I don’t think it is the heat, since the liberal vs. conservative fight has been going on for quite some time, even in the dead of winter.

Elections come and go, with a sense of excitement that we citizens will be saved from impending doom, only to watch as the newly elected folks get consumed by their power, put on the magic ring, go off and never return to their earthly roots.

There is no middle ground anymore, once the votes are counted and the official takes a corner. The problems haven’t changed for average people, who have to balance a budget while taxes and tolls are seen as the only solution to resolve an issue.

Many people are just shaking their heads in disbelief at the state of things in general.

I even heard a few people in line at the grocery store say our politicians have been taken over by extraterrestrials.

I don’t believe they were serious, but it does boggle the mind. There are times I wonder if the political climate has infected the average person.

It appears to me that many folks are edgy lately, living for the moment as though tomorrow is not a thought.

My favorite spot in summer is Assateague Island. This year, it is obvious that staffing has been reduced. I observed a frenzy of beachgoers attacking the pristine beach like an army of ants, leaving their residue behind for the wild ponies to clean up.

I have spent many a summer at Assateague. This is not a normal occurrence. Unethical behavior is fast becoming a normal way of life here on Mother Earth. We are even losing our ability to converse with one another face to face. Since the invention of text messaging, tweets and so forth, people talk with their texting devices.

Yes, even my own family members have caught the tweets and rarely look up anymore.

Speaking, it appears, is painful for a text master. I fear our civility is losing hold, and we are doomed to be hooked to a digital device that will only speak unemotionally and too quickly.

Courtesy, civility and kindness have a positive influence toward reducing real problems.

Enjoy your summer.

» Carl Crumbacker Sr. is an author, consultant and retired criminal justice executive who lives in Eden.


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