Bioclimatic Greenhouses


Bioclimatic Greenhouses


Posted 16 July 2011, by Staff, South-Facing,

A bioclimatic greenhouse collects the solar radiation during the day on south face, stores this heat in thermal mass and releases it during the night. Therefore one is able to grow tomato until Christmas without any heating in continental climate.


South Facing develops several designs for various purposes:

– Commercial greenhouse for professional farmer (100 to 1.000 m2),
– Small greenhouse for garden (50 to 100 m2) with eco-friendly and conventional materials,
– Mini greenhouse (0.75 x 1.6 x 2m) to grow vegetables during winter in urban area.


South Facing provides the following services:

– Feasibility study on bioclimatic greenhouses,

– Design of bioclimatic greenhouses,
– Training on construction of bioclimatic greenhouses,
– Manufacture of bioclimatic greenhouses.


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