HOW GREENS GOVERN: Sleazy deals for mega-donors and cushy jobs for mates mar Greens rep over mill sale

HOW GREENS GOVERN: Sleazy deals for mega-donors and cushy jobs for mates mar Greens rep over mill sale

Posted 16 July 2011, by Staff, VexNews,

The financiers to the highest (but unsuccessful) bidder for the Triabunna timber mill have confirmed widespread suspicions that the tender process for the sale of the property was corrupted by prominent Greens party identities in favour of their biggest donor, Graeme Wood.

Wood gave the Greens party the largest ever donation in Australian political history prior to the last federal election, slinging them $1.6 million, in secret at the time.

In a sensational letter, exclusively obtained by VEXNEWS, SMA Finance’s partner Mark Sealy confirms that he had most of the finance in place to complete the deal for the highest bidder, Aprin.

But he explains that one of factors that had successfully delayed them obtaining the finance facility they sought were “publicly issued threats against Aprin, Fibre Plus (Tas) Pty Ltd and (its directors)”.

The culprits identified in the letter include federal Greens party leader (and beneficiary of a $1.6 million donation from Graeme Wood) Senator Bob Brown, his deputy and heir apparent Christine Milne and  state Greens MP Kim Booth and the eccentric federal MP Andrew Wilkie.

VEXNEWS understands that in addition to public threats that potential sources of finance and bidders for the property were privately warned off by the highest ranking Greens party representatives.

In another obnoxious development, it has emerged also that Alec Marr, the discredited and sacked boss of the Wilderness Society will put be put in charge of the mill. He’s publicly campaigned against the forestry industry for years, so it’s a bit like putting a funeral director in charge of a hospital.

Marr was considered too radical and dictatorial for the Wilderness Society and was purged after a gruesome and protracted coup finally ousted him last year.

Liberal Senate Leader Eric Abetz has slammed the appointment of Bob Brown’s mate and political ally as cronyism:

“Only last year Mr Marr was described in the Supreme Court as engaging in “subterfuge” … “to the point of dishonesty.”[Para 22 of Evans J 2010 TASSC 21]

“And that was just his behaviour within the Wilderness Society.”

“This is Green cronyism and triumphalism at its ugliest and raises some concerning questions.”

“Will Mr Marr be anxious to run a viable business, let alone do fair business deals with what one assumes are still his bitter enemies?”

“How will Mr Marr promote his product to overseas markets when in the past he has been instrumental in destroying these same markets?”

Multi-million dollar favours are done for a multi-million dollar political donor. Political pressure applied. Political mates appointed to cushy jobs afterwards.

Graeme Wood has purchased a woodchip mill, at a $6 million discount to the highest bidder, all because he was able to manipulate political events to his favour using his pull with the Greens MPs he gives money to and exploiting their clout.

He has bought the site and is clearly intent on annihilating the jobs there with a view to closing it and developing the property – for profit – into a tourism facility.

Amazing to think that the Greens usually revile property developers as an evil blight.

For a large donation, they’re anybody’s.

The confidential correspondence received by VEXNEWS sheds light into the very dark place that constituted the dodgy sale process of Triabunna. It appears to have been a tainted and corrupted process, rigged by political heavying from the most prominent Greens politicians, motivated, in no small part, by a desperate desire to help further enrich their munificent patron, Graeme Wood.

Timber and many other “brown” industries face similar attacks from enviro-extremists, including Greens party members and its leadership. They are believed to systematically engage in private pressuring of major Australian banks and investment houses, urging them to withdraw from providing finance to businesses that the Greens don’t like (or won’t give them money) or – as in this case – are rivals to the commercial interests of major party donors.

Doing dirty work for massive donors leaves the Greens party no choice but to return the ill-gotten funds. Only then can the stench of corruption over these very dodgy dealings be lifted.


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