HOT HEADS: Political correspondent advocates eco-terrorism and riot to tackle climate change

HOT HEADS: Political correspondent advocates eco-terrorism and riot to tackle climate change

Posted 15 July 2011, by Staff, VexNews,

It gets dull in Canberra when the politicians aren’t there.

The left-wing email newsletter Crikey’s Canberra Press Gallery nonce (as in purveyor of nonsense not any other meaning) Bernard Keane must have been bored when he flicked the switch to Che Guevera and demanded that – in the event of a Coalition win and subsequent repeal of the carbon tax/ETS – Australian youth rise up and commit acts of terrorism against those he deemed guilty of causing climate change:

There are other consequences to repeal, perhaps more esoteric. Repeal of the scheme would be a strong signal to the international community that Australia wants no role in any international action to combat climate change. Running interference in climate negotiations, and trying to extract the best deal from them, as the Howard government did, is one thing. Actively sabotaging an operational domestic abatement scheme is quite different, and the international community is unlikely to regard the Coalition’s risible “direct action” policy as any sort of replacement. The possibility of retaliatory action, particularly from Europe, towards Australian exports will have to be considered.

The other consequence is blunter. Should a carbon pricing scheme be legislated and implemented, and then be repealed, it will be a clear signal that parliamentary politics simply cannot cope with the policy challenge of climate change. Those who take the need to curb emissions seriously — particularly younger people, who will pay the price of climate change — will be forced to consider other alternatives. The most logical one is taking “direct action” of their own, to shut down our most emissions-intensive industries — think the dirtiest power stations — and stop emissions-intensive exports such as coal.

Given the repeal of a functional carbon pricing scheme, they will have a strong moral justification, as well as policy rationale, for doing so.

His employer, Eric Beecher, is reputed to be a slow-payer of his staff and contractors. He only hope the multi-millionaire dusts off his cheque-book soon so that stern Bernie can resume whatever medication he may have recently stopped taking.


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