Blood-sucking bugs re-emerge in capital


Blood-sucking bugs re-emerge in capital


Posted 16 July 2011, by Staff, Viet Nam News,

Six species of blood-sucking bugs have been found in Viet Nam. The bugs have recently re-appeared in seven areas in Ha Noi. — VNA/VNS File Photo

HA NOI — The Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources recently uncovered blood-sucking bugs in at least seven places in Ha Noi’s inner districts including Ha Dong, Thanh Xuan and Gia Lam thanks to local resident reports.

According to the head of the institute’s Entomology Department, Truong Xuan Lam, around 30-50 bugs, similar to ones found in the city and northern provinces last year, had been found at each location.

Lam confirmed that the latest batch of bugs appeared to be much more aggressive than those previously found.

People who had been bitten by the bugs had visited doctors complaining that they felt itchy and in pain due to their swollen bite marks, and some even had high temperatures, days after being bitten, Lam said.

Nguyen Van Lenh, an inn resident near the Ha Noi Obstetrics Hospital on De La Thanh Street, situated in Dong Da District, was bitten for the second time early on Thursday morning.

Other people in his neighbourhood also reported to be bitten by the bugs.

Upon inspection, institute staff had confirmed that these types of cheap inns were often overcrowded and unhygienic, favourable conditions for bugs in which to shelter and multiply.

Last year, the Ministry of Science and Technology funded a project to collect data and research the bugs, but increased co-operation and funds would be needed in order to draw conclusions on their impact on human health, Lam said.

International research has shown that the bugs are capable of transmitting a parasite called Trypanosoma, causing Trypanosomiasis or Chagas Disease, a potentially fatal disease present in a variety of countries.

Up to date, there has been no indication of the bugs’ impact in Viet Nam, Lam said.

Last year, bugs had been found at around 150 households in Ha Noi, Lam said, adding that, at the time, authorities had managed to deal with the outbreak efficiently by collecting bugs and spraying chemicals.

Keeping living areas clean is an effective way to avoid bugs, experts have advised. — VNS


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