MoEF sanctions R32 cr for GANDHI project


MoEF sanctions R32 cr for GANDHI project


Posted 15 July 2011, by Staff, Indian Express (Express News Service),

Ahmedabad:  The Union Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) has allotted about Rs 32 crore for the makeover of Dandi and five neighbouring villages in Navsari district, issuing a procurement chart for the Green Action for National Dandi Heritage Initiative (GANDHI) project which will be handled by the Gujarat Ecology Commission.

While most of the procurements would be made through standard channels such as the National Competitive Bidding process and others, about Rs 13 crore will be spent through community contracting, which means locals will be involved.

These community projects would include conservation of beaches, mud-flats, water-bodies and sand-dunes. Besides these, restoration of water bodies, a 100-hectare mangrove plantation, developing a bio-shield in six villages, cleaning of the beach through self-help groups, building of cyclone shelters and rain water harvesting measures as well as salinity bunds will also be vested with the community.

The community contracting component is significant because many of Dandi’s residents have moved out of the area and gone to cities and even abroad for jobs since little economic activity is carried out in that region. The villagers there rely heavily on remittances. A large component of the procurements through bidding will also go towards setting up a sewage and solid waste treatment plant, a desalination plant, water supply and setting up non-conventional energy sources.

A Rs 50-lakh centre for learning Gandhian thoughts is also planned. Studies are also to be commissioned to look at the environment status of the Purnia estuary and the Dandi region. An Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan is also to be prepared at a cost of Rs 1 crore. The Request for Proposals for these would likely be released next January.


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