Gas explosion in Sinai


Gas explosion in Sinai

So far no suspects have been found in the latest attack on a north Sinai natural gas pipeline

Posted 12 July 2011, by Staff, Ahram Online,

A short while ago, a huge explosion inside the natural gas inspection station near Al Arish City International Airport rocked the capital of Northern Sinai. The explosion has ignited a huge fire in the pipeline, which Egypt uses to export natural gas to both Israel and Jordan.

Eyewitnesses reported that they observed two SUVs flee from the scene of the explosion in the direction of the desert.

On 4 July, unknown suspects also blew up another natural gas station in the Ber El-Abd municipality in northern Sinai. That explosion caused a different fire in a parallel pipeline that Egypt also uses to export natural gas to its two neighbouring countries.

This morning’s episode is the latest in a string of explosions and attacks on pipelines that supply Israel with natural gas since the ousting of former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak last February.

So far, the authorities have not apprehended any individuals suspected in the attack on the pipeline and no one has claimed  responsibility for the act.



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