Women greening the environment in Nangarhar


Women greening the environment in Nangarhar


Posted 28 June 2011, by Staff, UNAMA (United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan), unama.unmissions,org

28 June 2011 – Until recently the barren desert land in parts of Nangarhar province was littered with unexploded ordinances. Now, however, the township is thriving. Trees are part of this success story.

Beginning five years ago, the WFP began to provide food assistance to 100 returnee women who planted tree saplings. The women since produced about 2,000 saplings in their courtyards.

In other provinces, UN-Habitat worked with 657 women in 12 pilot nurseries who would not have had sufficient land for cultivating commercial crops. Last year the women grew 150,000 saplings. Nursery growers received marketing assistance and subsequently each woman earned USD $79.

Horticulture, fruits and nuts are generally grown by women, who also raise small livestock and do the cooking. As such, access to clean water affects women first. The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) supports the Afghan National Environment Protection Agency (NEPA) in giving women opportunities to influence decisions related to water supply and management.

By UNAMA Jalalabad




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