Group to educate on environment


Group to educate on environment


Posted 07 July 2011, by Staff, The Fiji Times (Access News Corporation),

A GROUP of USP environmental students calling themselves the Econesian Society are embarking on environmental awareness with communities in Fiji.

According to an Information Ministry statement, the voluntary organisation was formed in 2007 to develop skills in enhancing awareness on environmental education in Fiji.

Eco means ecology and nesian is Latin for islanders.

The society engages in various methods of capacity-building like doing environmental training with vocational and tertiary students.

The statement said that included in their capacity-building methods were learning through reading and access to information and communication. Networking is a capacity-building method, which the society engages in, through partnership and social interactions.

The society did case studies on three projects namely the nesian 350 campaign, the Pacific Youth Festival and the Eco-Parks project.

Fifty students who went through training were able to enhance their skills in public speaking, publicity, networking with diverse groups, upgrading organisational skills, meeting facilitating skills, improving decision-making and communication skills and learning how to obtain good resources.


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