Welcome to Canada’s 16th Biosphere Reserve!


Welcome to Canada’s 16th Biosphere Reserve!


Homepage of Bras d’Or Lake Biosphere Reserve Association, Accessed 04 July 2011, blbra.ca

We are a group of volunteers who have worked to have the Bras d’Or Lake and its watershed (the area outlined on the map) designated as a UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Reserve. UNESCO just approved our nomination at meetings in Dresden Germany on June 29, 2011!

Plans to celebrate the designation are underway….

What is a Biosphere reserve you ask? Check out the links at the top of this page to learn more…or… keep reading!

Whatever – if you have questions….post a Comment or email us privately at:  contact@blbra.ca

Biosphere reserves are special places around the world where people are trying to live more sustainably – that means they want 4 things:

  1. a healthy environment
  2. a healthy economy
  3. a healthy society
  4. a healthy culture.

Now, isn’t that worth celebrating? That’s what the United Nations thought back in the early 1970′s when they came up with this concept. They wanted to recognize, internationally, these places around the world – to serve as places where people could find out more about the special natural resources of an area and how peoples were working to save them for future generations.

Together, biosphere reserves form a world network for promoting exchange of information, experience and personnel. Currently, there are over 550 BR sites in 105 countries. Sixteen of those are in Canada!

Read more about the initiative to get Biosphere Reserve designation for the Bras d’Or Lake watershed or browse the site following the links above.

Vist our Photo Gallery to see pictures of this area. Send us your favourite picture to add to the collection!



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