Earth Rights, Earth Healing: Applying nature’s laws

Earth Rights, Earth Healing: Applying nature’s laws

Posted 30 March 2011, by Staff, Schumacher College, Darlington Hall Trust, The Elmhurst Center


May 9 – 13, 2011

Teachers: Polly Higgins, Marko Pogacnik

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Protecting and restoring our planet requires us to work at many different levels if we are to be effective in building a world based on the intrinsic values of interconnectedness and the sacredness of life.

In this course, two innovative thinkers from very different backgrounds – a barrister and advocate for eradicating ecocide and promoting earth rights, and a geomancer, artist and earth healer – will come together to pool their knowledge and discuss how to apply their insights to achieve healing globally and within local communities. Together, they will explore the deeper wisdom and practical application of nature’s laws to ensure earth healing.

Course Detail

Polly Higgins will reflect on the new laws required to build bridges from our existing hierarchical world into a new holistic world, at an international as well as a community level. She will discuss International Earth Rights and their shadow counterpart, the crime of Ecocide. What responsibilities do we as humans hold to the wider earth community and how does this translate into law?

Taking her most recent proposal of an Enabling Transition law as a case study, Polly will explore new ways of open-sourcing the process of co-creating law within the community. In so doing, groundbreaking processes will be developed by the participants to enable local communities to take the next steps towards living in accordance with holistic, earth-based values. Participants will meet with members of Transition Town Totnes to discuss the challenges they currently face and how insights from the course could be applied to their work.

Marko Pogacnik brings the ancient wisdom of geomancy, which balances the vital, emotional and spiritual levels of places, cities and landscapes to restore the subtle levels of life. Applying the principles learned from geomancy to examine and restore the imbalance within the community, the group will gain a deeper understanding of how to become lovers and protectors of the Earth.

Marko will teach exercises of perception, so that it becomes possible to communicate with beings and places of nature. Different methods of balancing disturbed environments will be demonstrated on chosen locations in the surroundings of the college. Methods used include different art forms such as sound, imaginations, ritual and cosmograms. The group will practise their new skills of perception, communication and balancing in the immediate surroundings of Schumacher College as well as on nearby Dartmoor, one of the geomantically most interesting landscapes in England.

The course is designed to be both experiential and informative; no legal experience is required.


Geomancer Marko Pogacnik works in the field of art combined with spiritual ecology called geomancy. Marko has developed a method of Earth healing called lithopuncture (Earth acupuncture) using stone pillars and positioning them on acupuncture points of the landscape. With methods similar to acupuncture and homeopathy it is possible to intervene with the vital, emotional and spiritual levels of places, cities and landscapes and work on restoring or balancing the subtle levels of life. He has created lithopuncture works throughout the world. He is president of the Association for Coexistence between Human Beings, Nature and Environment from Ljubljana. His books include: Turned Upside Down, Touching the Breath of Gaia, Nature Spirits & Elemental Beings, Sacred Geography.

Barrister and International Environmental Lawyer Polly Higgins works in the field of creating the new laws to protect the planet. Her first book, Eradicating Ecocide: Laws and Governance to Prevent the Destruction of the Planet sets out her latest proposal to the United Nations to make ecocide a crime and to apply ancient sacred trust principles to provide protection to territories at risk of ecocide. She is now working on a Transition Enabling Act in the UK to provide enabling provisions for transitioning communities to become resilient.,,

Facilitator: Isabel Carlisle is an animateur, someone who creates openings into which life is invited to take new forms and new expressions. (To animate means literally to “breathe life” into something.) One dimension of this art is the facilitation of groups in finding shared meaning, another is making power structures visible in order to enable systemic change. Her current enquiry is into how communities can affect the behaviour of wider social groups in the service of one-planet living. Isabel has trained in Philosophy for Children and began building a strategy for engaging young people with one-planet, or sustainable, living. This work has evolved into setting up a think tank of cutting-edge educators in this field in order to develop teacher-training courses with new approaches to learning for the future. She is also developing leadership programmes for young change-agents. Some of her work can be seen at:

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